Hillerød Municipality got a new intranet based on Omnia and Office 365. Now the city of Hillerød can collaborate across the organization.

Precio Fishbone has established a digital workplace and a new intranet based on Office 365 and Omnia for the municipality of Hillerød. The solution is aimed at municipal needs and provides a foundation for better a dialogue across the organization through new digital communication channels.

Hillerød Municipality as an organization

The Hillerød Municipality is a organization with approx. 4,900 employees. The 400 employee are located at Hillerød City Hall, and the rest is distributed to the local government's decentralized institutions. Hillerød municipality is divided into many departments, and therefore it was a challenge, with the digital support to Hillerød municipality. It hasn’t been easy to communicate across the organization with the usual channels. With a large organization such as Hillerød Municipality, an intranet was important in order to support and help the organization on its way to be an organization that collaborates. The goal was for the intranet to enable staff to communicate across the organization, between administrations and in their own department digitally, simply and quickly.

Why did Hillerød Municipality choose Omnia as a digital platform

Hillerød Municipality wanted an Intranet that was more related to their other SharePoint collaboration. Previously, Hillerød Municipality had some challenges in structuring and organizing documents, guides and files, which made it difficult for the employees to find what they needed. The aim was to have a digital workplace that could help to provide structure, and to create dialogue across the organization. Hillerød chose Omnia, beacause it was a solution that could offer a intranet having a simple and coherent structure. 

“We chose Omnia intranet as it meets many of the wishes and goals we had for the new intranet to Hillerød. Omnia offers the opportunity to create a dialogue among the employees across the organization between the municipality's many units ".

With Omnia, the Municipality of Hillerød is given the opportunity to work mobile and to reduce the distance between the City Hall and the municipal institutions. Now can the employees in the municipality easily share knowledge with each other, and at all times provide the most optimal service to their citizens.

The Collaboration between Hillerød Municipality and Precio Fishbone:

The new digital workplace has made it easier for employees to navigate and find the documents they are looking for. A user survey conducted by Hillerød Municipality showed that users were very satisfied with their new digital workplace.

Based on the employee survey, Ulla Iess Andersen states:

“We worked with Precio Fishbone and Omnia from April to September 2018. As expected, in the process, there have been challenges along the way to getting to know Omnia and SharePoint, but we managed them through good collaboration and good dialogue with Precio Fishbone. Our new intranet, who is called Hilda, has been well received by our employee. Many have expressed that it is a vibrant and user-friendly intranet, and they are positive about the new opportunities for dialogue and collaboration. We are still in the process of getting to know the system, but it is my impression that our editors also is happy about Omnia as it is easy to edit in. " 


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