Lindab's Global Intranet Transformation: Boosting Engagement and Innovation

Lindab, a leading indoor climate company, introduced a new intranet in 2022 and has since seen notable improvements in communication, teamwork, knowledge-sharing, and productivity across 20+ countries.

Annica Pettersson, Project Manager Internal Communication at Lindab, highlights the significant advantages of their new global intranet.

"Our new intranet makes it easier for employees to find information, documents, tools, and other resources, simplifying their daily work. The enhanced information structure, our move into the cloud, and the consolidation of all content helps to provide an appealing user experience."

"We now have an improved strategy for internal communication and it's easier to get group-wide and critical messages through to the right audience, regardless of what they do and where they are in the world."

One of the main objectives of the new intranet was to increase collaboration and knowledge-sharing between employees, units, companies, and countries. The upgraded and shared communication platform bridges the gaps and brings employees closer together.

Annica Pettersson explains:

"We aim to enhance knowledge and experience sharing across all departments of our company. Our group-wide intranet facilitates this process efficiently. By exchanging insights, progress updates, and experiences, we strengthen internal collaboration, skill development, and innovation company-wide."

Providing a personalized user experience

Previously, Lindab struggled with an outdated custom-built SharePoint intranet and the need for a modernized solution became obvious over the years. The transition to Omnia began early in 2022 and the new intranet was launched in June of the same year.

Annica Pettersson elaborates on the background:

"Before, it was demanding for end-users to find information and stay updated. Also, poor content management and targeting functionalities resulted in employees receiving irrelevant and outdated information. With the recent implementation of Microsoft 365, Teams, and other cloud-based applications, we aimed for a group-wide cloud solution where the intranet works as a personalized hub."

The new intranet has helped to solve many of the previous challenges. Based on a new governance model, a new communication strategy has been introduced, targeting is used to enhance relevance for every user, and the solution helps coordinate global and local content, and ensures mandatory content review.

"Targeting is a crucial part of building our new intranet," says Annica, highlighting its limited use in the old system. With Omnia's improved targeting tools, Lindab can now deliver information directly to the right people.

"Launching a more personalized solution has helped drive engagement, and features such as Organization Charts, Find my Colleague and more make users come back day after day," says Annica.

Reaching all employees

Focused on the outcome of the new intranet, Lindab is committed to making the solution accessible to everyone. Although there are still integration challenges, Lindab is making progress in creating a unified intranet experience for all employees.

"Improving intranet accessibility is crucial, especially for frontline workers, factory employees, and others with deskless roles. We achieve this by ensuring intranet accessibility on all devices and utilizing digital signage screens in common areas like lunchrooms. While there's still progress to be made, particularly with recently acquired companies, we're steadily moving forward in the right direction."

The impact of the new intranet has been obvious within Lindab. Improved communication, collaboration, and productivity as the main effects.

"Going forward, we want the exchange of knowledge and experience to increase between all parts of our business. The group-wide intranet enables this in a straightforward and efficient way. By sharing insights, progress, and experiences, internal collaboration, competence development, and innovation are strengthened throughout Lindab", Annica concludes.