Keeping all employees in the loop

Your communications team will love how Omnia supports them in planning, executing, and monitoring their daily work - and making sure that your message is delivered to the right target audience. 


Learn more about the editorial hub, publishing experience, media handling, targeting, analytics and other Omnia features that will help you improve internal communication.


Planning the work of your communications team

Use the Editorial Hub to effectively plan the work of your communications team. Here you can plan future articles and campaigns and monitor page status, workflows, and usage.

Publishers can easily access and finalize ongoing work and and create and publish new articles, pages, events, and more. 


Supporting a variety of publishing roles

Omnia supports several publishing roles with different responsibilities and permissions. From publishers requesting a simple and smooth experience to advanced editors in need of promoted or mandatory content, advanced media handling, scheduled publishing, approval workflows, subscriptions, notifications and more. 


Media handling to make your content come alive

With Omnia, it will be easy to publish pages with beautiful images or action-packed videos. Upload or pick media from internal media sources or external services as Bing, Pexels, YouTube or Vimeo.

Of course, you can compress, crop, filter, and edit images to make the most of your content.


Publish content to the right target audience

Providing the right information to the right person at the right time is no more just a saying. Based on enhanced AD sync, the user profile completeness wizard, and subscriptions, Omnia is best-in-class when it comes to content targeting.

With targeting possibilities for any type of content or block, you will be able to establish solutions delivering relevant content for every user. 


Monitor how your intranet is performing

Omnia comes with a customizable dashboard where you can set targets for your intranet and monitor how the solution is performing. 

Here, you can get personalized reports on how content is being used or interacted with, monitor under-used or out-dated content, and use icons and color coding for flagging content that needs your attention. Utilize drill-down features to get detailed reports on how usage differs between countries, locations, or organizational units.



More features for improving internal communication

There is a lot more to Omnia when it comes to features that will help you improve internal communication. Don't hesitate to contact us to get the full picture of what Omnia can do for your organization.

✓  Manage navigation

With Omnia, it will be easy for editors and content owners to move pages and update navigation structures with an easy-to-use wizard to make sure that users can find the information they are looking for.

✓  Multi-lingual

Omnia ships with strong multi-lingual support, both for system and content, and provides the possibility of machine translation. You can use the variations concept in Omnia to set up and manage a solution that covers multiple languages. Now, you will have easy-to-use tools to handle the challenges with delivering content in the user’s preferred language.

✓  Translations

Omnia will help you translate content into the languages of your choice. Set up a solution based on machine translation or notify translation owners about new content to do all or parts of the process manually.

✓  Reusable content

In larger organizations, reusing content across a global intranet is a challenge. But with Omnia, there is dedicated features to support you in doing so. End-users can then take part of information that is a mix of local and centrally handled content.

✓  Events management

With Omnia, it will be easy to set up, publish, and manage internal and external events, and to present them in list or calendar views. You can let end-users sign up for courses, meetings, and social events and get help administering and contacting attendees.

✓  Important announcements

You can publish announcements to all users or target groups and push out notifications to laptops, tablets, and mobiles. Set categories and status for announcements to help recipients understand the context and add the possibility to comment on announcements.

✓  FAQ

Use the FAQ block in Omnia to set up solutions showing both questions and answers in a user-friendly way. Easy to update with new content and easy to navigate.

✓  Yammer and Teams integration

Publishing in Omnia is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft 365. Push news articles to Yammer and use Yammer as the engine for commenting and sharing articles. Let end-users share pages to Yammer groups or Teams channels to help their peers stay in the loop.

 AI supported content creation

Omnia is integrated with OpenAI and Dall-E to help content creators produce high-quality articles and images.


✓  Mandatory read

There are several ways of publishing content that is mandatory for all or a group of users. Display mandatory news articles on the start page until the user have taken part of the message, set up sign-off requests for a selection of important content, or publish business documents with read receipts.

✓  Locations map

Use Omnia to publish location maps on relevant pages within your intranet to display where an office, warehouse, or factory is located.

✓  Locations weather

With Omnia, it is easy to display local weather on an office or locations page.

✓  RSS Feed

Display relevant external information, such as industry news, on your intranet using the RSS Feed within Omnia.

✓  Digital signage

Out of box, Omnia is integrated with all modern digital signage platforms. Now, it will be easy to reach the whole workforce wherever there is a screen nearby. The product will help you orchestrate what information should be published at what location and utilize design templates in the digital signage platform. 

✓  Mobile App

Let end-users download the Omnia mobile app from Apple Store or Google Play to make it possible to take part of your solutions and content at any time and from any location.

✓  Communications Governance

Omnia provides a strong concept for communications governance throughout the life cycle of news articles and information pages. From creating page types and page layouts, via handling properties, workflows, and settings, to following up on results and consumption.

✓  Driving compliance

Omnia will assist in driving organizational compliance by supporting editors when working with policies, processes, procedures, instructions, and other controlled content. The product also comes with the possibility to visualize and publish business processes and related information such as tasks, tools, and documents.

✓  QR Codes 

Share QR codes for news articles and pages to promote continue reading on other device.

  Praise colleagues and teams

Submit praise to a colleague to show appreciation or praise a team to acknowledge their contribution. Show praise on the start page or follow up last year's posts in a Praise Gallery. 

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