Support daily work and drive productivity

Omnia will support you in visualizing best practices, driving efficient projects, managing important documents, and improving the organization aligned with business processes.​


Discover process visualization, project portfolio, document management, frontline worker solutions, quality management and other Omnia features that will help you in supporting daily work and driving productivity.


Include and engage your frontline workers

With User Management in Omnia, it is easy to establish solutions that can include also your frontline teams even though they might not have a Microsoft 365 account. Now, you can support the deskless workers with appealing apps that support communication, knowledge sharing, and daily work.

Naturally, all solutions will have the same attractive user experience on mobiles and tablets as they can on broader screens. 


Your document related headache ends here

Omnia comes with capabilities that will support you introducing effective document management across the organization. 

Implement controlled life-cycles for your important business documents, supported by centralized management of templates and properties. Use the dynamic capabilities of the document rollup feature to make it easy for end-users to find documents in the right context. 


Manage programs and projects more effectively

With Omnia, you can combine the simplicity of collaboration in Microsoft Teams with the structures of models and governance concepts regarding how to drive and manage projects.

Now, you can define Teams templates based on your models, properties, naming policies, document templates and more to improve project effectiveness. Set up a portfolio with information on all ongoing and archived projecs and share delivery documents with colleagues or project stakeholders. 


Improve quality of your products and services

With Omnia, you can set up quality management solution to support the work to satisfy customer needs. 

Now, you can visualize processes, provide steering and supporting documents, specify activities and tasks, and prodvide access to tools. Let end-users provide feedback and suggestions to implement a continuous improvements concept. Help users keep track of vital information via personalized navigation, notifications, and read receipts.

More features for driving productivity

There is a lot more to Omnia when it comes to features that will support daily work and drive productivity. Don't hesitate to contact us to get the full picture of what Omnia can do for your organization.

✓  Process visualization

Omnia supports the process oriented business. You can define and publish clickable process maps with description and related documents, templates, tasks, and tools to implement a recommed way of working. 

✓  Onboarding or Pre-boarding Portal

Set up a portal for pre-boarding and/or onboarding to provide content and features targeted to new talent. 

✓  Partner or Customer Portal

With Omnia, you can have several solutions within the same tenant. Besides providing a world-class intranet, Omnia will support you in setting up partner or customer portals with public facing pages and business supporting features after log-on.

✓  Connect to business systems

Omnia provides support for connecting your intranet to business systems. Use the built-in connectors for ServiceNow, Jira, Workday, and other common applications. Connect to any modern digital signage platform, compare document versions with Draftable, or display press releases and stock prices from external sources.

✓  Events management

Use Omnia to manage internal or external events and courses, including administration of properties, dates, times, number of seats, sign-ups, contacting attendees, and more. Flexible ways to present events in list and calendar views. 

✓  Microsoft 365 Integration

With built-in integration to SharePoint, Teams, Yammer, Planner, Outlook, OneDrive, Stream, New Stream, Viva Connections, Viva Learning, Viva Topics, Microsoft Search, Power Platform, M365 User Profiles, Azure AD, and more, Omnia is the market-leader when it comes to integration with the Micrososft stack.

✓  Connect to media repositories

Omnia provides integration with several image and media repositories and services, such as internal image banks, Stream, new Stream, Bing image search, Pexels, YouTube, Vimeo, Image Vault, and Mediaflow.

✓  Implement your governance concepts

Omnia comes with powerful capabilities for governance of pages, documents, teams, communities, and more. Define types, templates, properties, features, life-cycles and workflows and monitor status to make sure that your content stays relevant for end-users.

✓  Turn intranet features into Teams Apps

Go cherry-picking within the intranet and use the Teams App Generator in Omnia to turn the most popular features into apps that can easily be delivered in MIcrosoft Teams. 

✓  Extend and integrate your solutiuon

Omnia comes with an ambitious extensibility framework for customizing your solutions, or integrating them with business systems. Develop and deploy new features or go for our cost-effective managed extensions offering. 

Explore how Omnia can help you!

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