Document: How to succeed with your digital workplace initiative

For some years we have seen that the ways of working are changing with activity-based offices, a more remote workforce, more work carried out in projects, more flexible working hours, digital presence instead of physical and enhanced expectations on compliance and social responsibility. This has triggered many organizations to drive digital workplace initiatives aiming to provide tools, devices and services to better support employees in their daily work.

But even though the term is frequently used, the concept of a digital workplace is by no means self-explanatory. In this article, we will try to shed some light on what the digital workplace is, why it should be of interest to you and what it takes to make future initiatives successful.

In order to explore these questions, we have interviewed Anders Fagerlund, Product Offering Lead for Omnia. The result is some hands-on recommendation based on his lessons learned when implementing solutions for communication, collaboration, knowledge sharing, document management and other areas relevant to how users experience the digital workplace. At the end of the document, you will also find a checklist summary. Download the document via the form on the right.