New intranet helps Signify cultivate employee engagement

With a new global intranet, Signify strengthens internal communications and employee engagement. Using only digital communications channels throughout the process, the Omnia-based intranet has been implemented in record-breaking time.

– Our new group-wide Omnia-based intranet will improve internal communications in all our units throughout the world. It’s a gateway to all relevant company news and collaboration tools, keeping our employees constantly updated about what’s going on locally and globally in an efficient and engaging manner. And this is something that will significantly help us in terms of promoting Signify stories and further improving employee engagement for our various company programs, says Elise Peursum, Integrated Communications specialist at Signify.

Fully remote implementation in just a few months

Having pioneered breakthroughs in lighting for more than 125 years, Signify (which became independent from Royal Philips in 2016) has been a driving force in numerous light technology innovations. The company is, for instance, a frontrunner in LED and connected lighting in both the professional and consumer markets. Headquartered in Eindhoven, with more than 36000 employees and a presence in over 70 countries, Signify offers high-quality and energy-efficient lighting throughout the world.

In early 2020, Signify initiated the process of transforming the company’s internal communications by incorporating Teams as its prioritized meetings and collaboration tool. The Microsoft 365 family had earlier been implemented as Signify’s primary collaboration and work toolset. As an integral part of Signify’s digital workplace improvement project, the company’s intranet was also due for a functionality upgrade and a new platform.

– We conducted a thorough market study, with Precio Fishbone’s Omnia being one of the many platforms that we looked at. It ended up on our shortlist and after a very inspiring product demo, we were convinced it was the right choice for us. Omnia is a SharePoint out-of-the-box solution offering superior performance in relation to price and in terms of functionality compared to rival platforms. It also allows smooth integration with Microsoft 365 and Teams. With Omnia it will be easier for us to continue our digital journey towards enhanced efficiency and improved internal communications, Signify IT Platform Manager Rob Weijschede predicts.

The implementation project started in April and the new intranet went live on a global scale by the end of September. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the implementation of Omnia was managed purely through digital communications channels. Meetings and workshops were held via Teams and technical installations and configurations were completed via remote network access technologies.

– It’s an efficient implementation method. Obviously, at some point during the project, it’s good to meet in person just to get to know each other a little better. But it doesn’t have a negative effect on the end result. It’s quite the opposite in fact, as you tend to be more efficient and result-oriented in virtual meetings. In working with Signify, we found that it’s more productive to have shorter but more frequent digital meetings. We had follow-up meetings on a weekly basis, for instance, Precio Fishbone’s Project Manager Malin Lindquist explains.

Signify stories boost engagement

One of the main objectives of the new intranet was to personalize and streamline the company’s information structure and navigation processes, ensuring that information was more relevant and easier to find. The graphical layout of the interface has also been improved.

– Our intranet is now more attractive and tidier, and more to the point. We’ve condensed its content and made its user interface more intuitive and easier to navigate via fewer menus and options. One of its most appreciated features is the revamping of the news section that we call the Global and local news. For example, since local stories are more relevant for the user, local stories are now more visible on the start page. The improvements made to the site and the enhanced personal relevance of the information will in turn boost employee engagement. There are already more likes and comments on news articles, Elise observes.

It’s now also much easier to access the intranet on mobile devices. This is partly due to Omnia’s built-in smart responsive interface, and partly because users no longer have to log in in order to read the news.

– An improved and more appealing mobile interface will definitely help those employees who are on their feet much of the day or who are frequently on the move meeting with clients and business partners. They will now always be able to stay updated about what’s happening and easily access whatever information they need. We are planning to release the app as well, making internal news and communications tools even more accessible, Elise underscores.