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Integrating for a unified experience

Omnia delivers capabilities to turn a fragmented landscape of internal systems and external services into a unified and personalized experience for end-users.  


With Omnia, end-users will have immediate access to mandatory, targeted and favorited applications showing both internal and external services.

Based on Omnia connectors, external services can be smoothly integrated and presented alongside internal systems in a unified experience. Omnia provides support for out of box integration with several external services such as Bing Search, YouTube, Trello, Facebook Workplace and external press release and stock ticker services. 

Microsoft 365 integration

When planning the digital workplace, you will run into the need for orchestrating and integrating with Office 365 services in order to provide a user-friendly experience. 

Omnia support seamless integration with a variety of Office 365 applications such as Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Stream, Planner and Yammer and this will make life easier for end-users. 

Teams App

Microsoft Teams is one of the fastest growing services within the Microsoft stack. All blocks in Omnia can be deployed to Teams making it possible to present content and resources in that interface. 

Omnia can also be delivered as a Microsoft Teams App further underlining the tight integration with services within Office 365. 


Over time, many organizations find that they need to develop custom functionality, adjust out of box features or integrate with internal data sources. Therefore, you should invest in a product that provide an open API, developer documentation and tools for delivering on business-specific requirements in a cost-effective way. 

Omnia comes with an ambitious extensibility framework that makes it possible to customize features and functionality with limited effort and integrate Omnia applications with legacy systems.

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