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A user experience that drive adoption

Your digital workplace can only be successful if it is well-used. Omnia delivers an intuitive, personalized and task-oriented experience that will help you drive adoption and user buy-in. And we know your workforce will appreciate great look and feel on all screens and world class performance.


Work from any location

Omnia will make your digital workplace look good on all devices, from mobile phone to the largest info screen, using fully responsive page layouts. If you need to fine tune the solution, use the device specific settings that are available on each block in the product. 

Omnia is also shipped with a mobile app for Android and iOS to further strengthen the mobile concept, and the possibility to work from any location.

Personalized and actionable

The digital workplace should provide an intuitive, personalized and task-oriented experience where it is easy for end-users to understand what is new, what is relevant for me and what do I need to act on. 

Omnia deliver on these requirements with enhanced targeting, subscription features and possibility to notify users on tasks and events from internal or external sources. 

Enhanced search and navigation

Omnia provides a set of powerful tools for deploying navigation just the way you want it. Set up global navigation for a common solution or a variety of portals with localized structures. In both cases, you can manage navigation structures over time to make sure the solution makes sense for end-users. Omnia also comes with a user-friendly and highly customizable search experience, where it’s easy to implement business terms as filters and refiners.

Easy to learn, easy to use

Omnia comes with a concept to create and publish tutorials and tooltips in the solution, making it possible to provide user guides when introducing new features, content or applications.

This can help you make the digital workplace as easy to learn and use as when downloading an app to your mobile phone.

The need for speed

A couple of years ago, the most common feedback from intranet end-users was that they can't find what they are looking for. Today, an equally frequent comment is that the solution is too slow. Omnia can help you provide a digital workplace with world class performance.

The average loading time for a web page in an Omnia based intranet is 295 ms. Welcome to the Omnia Challenge to see if you can beat that.

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Watch the video: Omnia and the User Experience

Learn more about how Omnia delivers an intuitive, personalized and task-oriented experience for end-users.

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