Governance makes the digital workplace last over time.
See how you can work effectively with governance in Omnia.

The sustainable digital workplace

Over time, the Digital Workplace will host a growing amount of web pages, documents, collaboration teams, applications and connections to external services. To succeed with such a solution, you will need a strong foundation built on wisely planned and implemented governance. To secure a sustainable digital workplace, Omnia empowers administrators with strong tools to set up, manage and monitor all vital aspects of your solutions. 

One tenant, several solutions 

Omnia supports setting up multiple solutions within one tenant, for corporate and subsidiary intranets, management systems for quality or information security, customer and partner portals or whatever need your organization have. Each solution can have its own branding and navigation structure catering for specific requirements. 

Content life cycles

A sustainable digital workplace relies on defined rules for the various types of content it holds.

Omnia comes with rich functionality for setting up a pattern for layout, languages, life cycle and business logic for important content types such as information pages, news articles and controlled documents.

Uniform Team Collaboration 

Office 365 is in many ways ideal for the digital workplace. But the richness of features can leave the user with the question of when to use what tool. But using provisioning templates for team collaboration in Omnia, you can alleviate end-users from that question.

The product also supports creating Office 365 Groups via approval workflow and Office 365 naming policies. With Omnia you will have a uniform and well-governed team collaboration environment.

Base decisions on the right grounds

Omnia will provide strong tools for solution owners to make the right decisions when developing and improving the digital workplace over time. The product empowers administrators and information owners with both overall and personalized reports regarding usage, out-dated or under-used content, checked-out pages and user patterns. By providing updated and relevant information, Omnia will soon become the solution owner's best friend.

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